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Not a joking matter – the Outameni scandal – Why is the PNP so reckless with taxpayers’ money?

In November 2014 the National Housing Trust paid some $180 million dollars to purchase a loss making tourist attraction, Outameni Experience located in Trelawny. The company that owned the attraction … Continue reading

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Cuba opens up. Jamaica closes down. What American restoration of diplomatic ties with Cuba means to Jamaica economically.

On April 11, 2015, Presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro shook hands at the Summit of the Americas in Panama, marking the first meeting between a U.S. and Cuban head … Continue reading

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A Justice Audit in August 2015. Why justice continues to elude the Jamaican people

The United States Department posted its report on Jamaica’s human rights practices for 2014 and revealed a damning picture on the current state of Jamaica’s justice system. The Minister of … Continue reading

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Another secret deal by Omar Davies with Jamaicans’ property

Access to justice is a critical tool of leverage against the bullies of this world. The government of Jamaica continues to pay lip service to the constitutional rights of Jamaicans … Continue reading

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The case of corruption against former Lucea Mayor Shernet Haughton

The Office of the Contractor General (OCG) after an extensive series of interviews with the former mayor of Lucea, Shernet Haughton’s family members and investigations discovered that the former mayor … Continue reading

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The final audit report of the National Solid Waste Management Authority 2013-2014 mirrors the governance of corruption.

The irregular collection of garbage in the corporate area in particular is not only nasty and disgusting but more significantly poses a health risk to all citizens. The usual refrain … Continue reading

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No justice is no peace. Why Jamaica grapples with a high state of lawlessness and the effect on our nation.

With approximately (fifty) 50% of serious crimes in Jamaica unsolved thousands of families have no justice and this means no peace for thousands of Jamaicans. The budget for the Ministry … Continue reading

March 16, 2015 · 1 Comment

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